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a deliberately small agency that offers a hands-on approach

Bold PR, based in New York City, is a strong, effective and efficient alternative and partner to in-house resources for brand building and public relations. The agency shuns the old “ladies who launch and lunch” approach to public relations with its cookie-cutter, “PR mill” style. It is fiercely dedicated to strong market analysis, good and honest counsel, and the concept of bespoke PR, with customized programs built around each client’s needs, objectives and budgets.

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...GOES BEYOND THE USUAl limits of convention

It’s not just about launching the shiny and new. At BOLD we understand that “new” gets press, and “revolutionary and new” gets a lot of press. But what happens after the allure of the new is gone? BOLD PR is about consistency and ongoing, supportive and evolving programs that focus on the core products and messaging, keeping a brand top-of-mind and reliably relevant.

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PRESIDENT jodi Balkan

Jodi Balkan founded BOLD PR in June 2008 with its first client, Living Proof. Prior to starting the agency, Balkan headed up the L’Oréal Paris Public Relations Department, setting strategy and directing all PR efforts for the L’Oréal Paris brand, which includes the Cosmetics, Skincare, Haircare, and Haircolor categories, as well as entertainment sponsorships. Balkan joined L’Oreal Paris after an eight-year stint at Behrman Communications – four years as Managing Director, and four years as a Senior Director working on a large variety of brands. Prior to her PR career, Balkan was a freelance writer and editor for consumer magazines, including Elle, Fitness, New Woman, Psychology Today, Redbook, Seventeen, and Shape, among others. Before freelancing as a writer and editor, Balkan was the Beauty Editor at New Woman magazine for two years, and the Associate Beauty Editor at Mirabella magazine for two years. Balkan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Managing DirectorAndrea Leonarz

With BOLD since its beginning, Andrea Leonarz is an industry veteran with over 13 years of experience in strategizing and executing comprehensive public relations plans for some of the top names in beauty, including Sephora and L’Oreal Paris.

Vice PresidentMarjorie Gellert

Joining BOLD in 2009, Marjorie Gellert is a beauty and lifestyle communications specialist with over 12 years of experience in the industry, creating and implementing dynamic and impactful PR campaigns for today’s top beauty, health and lifestyle companies.

Vice PresidentDanielle Levine

With BOLD since 2010, Danielle Levine is a public relations expert with over 10 years of experience, creating and implementing integrated PR strategies that garner brand awareness across multiple media platforms.

Vice PresidentLindsay Tansky

Lindsay Tansky joined BOLD in 2009 and works with her clients to develop customized communications strategies that build brand recognition with both media and consumers. She has been working in the beauty industry for over eight years.

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